Three Twins: A blossoming addiction

Here in the Bay Area, there are an amazing array of producers and purveyors of deliciousness of all varieties.  We really are spoiled with amazing food.

When I first arrived in SF, I discovered that I, once again, have access to my all-time favorite ice-cream: Tillamook’s peanut butter chocolate.  I inherited this love from my brother, and suffered for years without any Tillamook while living in the Midwest.

When it comes to ice cream, I have found a new favorite: Three Twin’s Cardamom.  Now, before you call me crazy because you’ve never heard of a spice like this in ice cream, just think about the loveliness of vanilla – and imagine it with a subtle spicy kick.  Like the nutmeg in my peach pie… Mmm. The smell of cardamom wafts from the container, no matter how hard-frozen the quart. Their tagline is “making inconceivably delicious ice cream” and I couldn’t agree more.  You would be hard-pressed to have conceived of a creamier, more delicious frozen treat.  While the Cardamom is my most favorite, the Lemon Cookie might just be the second best ice cream I have ever bought from a store in my life. Three Twins tends to be a little thinner than a Ben and Jerry’s, less heavy than Haagan Das, but with lemon flavor, as with cardamom, that lighter consistency is perfect.  They also have a glorious salted caramel, that is as balanced a blend of salt and sweet as can be had.  You can see plainly that we also like the mocha around here – since it’s one of my closest friend’s favorite flavors, I add it to my basket from time to time just to keep it around for afternoons like this one where you just need a little scoop. And a kit kat.

If you don’t have access to Three Twins, you might just have to find an excuse to visit somewhere they sell it. Seriously.  It’s that good.

I’m sure I’ll write a future post about another neighborhood favorite: Humphry Slocomb….


What’s your favorite local creamery, or flavor?  Tag them in the comments!