Welcome to my kitchen!

Welcome to my kitchen!

I live in an amazing home, a little piece of San Francisco history with a fascinating backstory that I look forward to sharing in a future post.

When I first came across my house in 2012, I fell in love. I wasted no time writing an offer, and closed a month later. As I walked through the garden, then living room, I felt more and more at home.  Then, I reached the kitchen: A 1920’s Wedgewood stove is the centerpiece of this, the largest room in the house.  I knew from the moment I saw it that I would be making many meals in this beautiful space.  The walls are paneled with original, hand-sawn redwood to match the floor.  The 1930’s-era cabinets are hand built with thoroughly worn shipbuilder-style brass hardware.  The 10′ ceilings reflect the lovely morning light dancing in through a glorious bougainvillea, which waves to me each morning as I make coffee. It’s not modern and it’s not fancy; it’s perfect.

I savor the time I get to spend in my kitchen. I season from my grandmother’s salt box, while wearing my vintage aprons. I wash up with the dishcloths hand-crocheted for me by a dear family friend. I sweep up with the most beautiful rainbow-bristled hand-made broom I got years ago at a festival. And, when I’m feeling down, I cheer up with a day of culinary creating.

I enjoy my kitchen so much that I thought I’d share a little glimpse with you. So, that’s what this blog is: my open door. A peek into my home and my life. Sometimes I’ll share recipes. Other times I’ll just show you how I cook – most often sans recipes. And sometimes, I’ll go out to enjoy all the wonderfulness this foodie city has to offer – and do a little food-spotting!

I’d love to learn what you love about your kitchen, and what you love to create in it. Do you use a special kitchen gadget that was your grandmothers? Do you follow recipes, or make it up as you go along? How do you make things stretch? Re-use and reduce? What music inspires your cooking? Who are your favorite people to cook with? Or feed? I hope you’ll share with me in the comments.

Thanks for spending some time with me in my kitchen – I look forward to learning about yours!