The Magic of Instant Pot

I was waxing poetic with my friend about my new Instant Pot today, so I thought I’d make a special post where I can share with her the fabulousity of this device and a few of the glorious items we make. You don’t have one?  Well, let’s remedy that:

This image is of a pretty straight-forward hamburger soup: Onions and ground beef on saute; add some garlic while it’s browning.  Then throw in some frozen mixed veg from Costco.  Add a can of tomatoes.  And I kinda think that might have been it?  Probably oregano and basil. Definitely salt and pepper.  Pretty simple and straightforward.  Then press the “soup” button and come back in the allotted time for a delicious dinner!

Lentil soup is about as easy as anything, too: Saute setting first for onions and garlic.  Add celery and carrots.  Once that’s all in, dump in the rinsed/picked-through lentils and a bunch of seasoning.  I like cumin, and I added some Braggs aminos this most recent batch, as well as whatever green herbs smell good to me that day.  Fill it up with water, and put on the lid; hit the “soup” button and et voila!