Peanut Butter Cookies

My sister Tina was a beautiful, kind, sweet woman with the most infectious laughter.  When something struck her as funny, she would giggle, and then laugh and it would evolve into an uproarious guffaw/snort that got everyone around her giggling, too.  We lost her far too soon, but she left her mark in ways large and small.  My favorite thing to do when I miss my sister is make her special peanut butter cookie recipe.

This is the easiest cookie you’ll ever make.  And, for my friends with health issues and gluten intolerance, it’s a go-to party/gift staple; No flour!  Here’s the basic recipe.  You should definitely make it like this first, because you won’t believe it works until you try it for yourself.  Ready?

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

Yes, that’s really it!

Thoroughly mix ingredients in a bowl.  Roll into a small-ish ball – or whatever size makes you happy.  Evenly space the balls on a lined or prepared cookie sheet.  Smash with a fork.  And, as they say in my old cookbooks: Bake in a medium oven until done. (That means roughly 325 for roughly 8-10 minutes, but could be different depending on your oven/climate/etc.) I tend to take my cookies out at just under-done and leave them to cool on the sheet for a minute, or if I use parchment – like in the picture – I just lift the parchment off the pan and place it on the cool tile counter. Today, I also made banana bread – look for my other post for more on that.

Usually, I use crunchy peanut butter, but whatever you have on hand will work. Now comes the fun part!  You can substitute almond butter and brown sugar, season with nutmeg for a wonderful fall treat.  Or swap out some of the peanut butter for nuttella and add a small handful of chopped walnuts for a fudgy treat.  Try pecan butter and maple syrup!  Try Cashew butter and toss in some dried tropical fruit!  Really, you can endlessly recreate this basic recipe – all flour-free.

I can’t wait to see what combinations you try – please share in the comments!