New Year, New Starter

I’ve been wanting to learn how to make truly excellent bread for several years. Really, since a dear friend of mine took an artisan bread baking course a decade ago, shared several of his gloriously beautiful and incredibly delicious loaves, and told me a few tips and tricks. But I never have found the class, or the time. So, this year, I decided I will experiment with bread! Lower gluten, higher protein, gorgeous looking loaves for gift giving and enjoying.

So, today – a rainy, windy, stormy Sunday – I have begun my very own sourdough starter. The old fashioned way: flour, water, love, patience, and time.

I also read a bunch of articles online, and ordered the book Tartine Bread, so I will know what to do with this new sourdough friend I’m growing.

Here’s day #1, freshly started. Wish me luck!