All about the pie!

What is Thanksgiving without pie?  This year, I held back and only made four… because mom was making several and we’re eating at her place.  A treat, since it’s the first holiday season they are living in California!

This picture includes this year’s cast of crusts:

  • Pineapple-coconut – a family favorite, and mom’s recipe
  • Peach… because peach. But I add nutmeg, and that adds a whole ‘nother layer of deliciousness.
  • Pumpkin. No messin’ with a classic!
  • Blackberry. But not just any blackberry: It’s a deep dish blackberry lime pie that gets a hint of allspice. Amazing!  My favorite, which I make as often as I have an excuse to make pie.

So, in addition, mom made grandpas cherry pie – a staple around our house which will someday have it’s very own post. And at least two more deserts… It was a pie-stravaganza! Look out for more thanksgiving posts!

I have friends who celebrate birthdays with pie, instead of cake.  (I have smart friends.) What are your favorite pies? Other pie traditions in your household?  Any great tricks for crust? Share in the comments!